Thursday, June 23, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 4

by Rachel

I calculate my calories using - I have been a member of their site since 2008, and there are so many great tools - I've also blogged on their site since 2008.
My calories and other nutrients count are obviously estimations, and sometimes there are things that I forget to add in to the mix (like I forgot to add in the little bit of coconut oil that I used to start off the stir fry lastnight...) - but overall it's a pretty good means of figuring out what amount of calories you're eating.

One of the most important things you can do when you're trying to lose weight is to write down EVERYTHING you eat - and sparkpeople's nutrition tracker has been my go-to tool for this for a number of years!

Have any of you used with success? What other tools have you found useful for weight loss?

Day 4

1336 cals (237g carbs, 24g fat, 52g protein, 44g fiber)

Strawberries Mixed Berries and Whole Grain Toast

Had some frozen mixed berries to finish off (Pomeberry mix from Costco - yum!) so we topped our toast with that for breakfast. The juice from the berries melted into the toast

Green Leafy Wrap with Stir Fry
OK OK - this is NOT what was on the plan, that is what I get for not rereading before packing my lunch! It IS, however, a wrap, with lots of green leaves in it!
1 whole wheat tortilla, slathered with 4 TBSP homemade hummus, loaded with arugula salad, sprouts, stir fry, and the rest of the gnocchi - - with a side of cucumbers.
It was a very decent lunch, although not the one we were supposed to have - Paul said it was filling!

Unscheduled Snack
Sliced Sweet Potato

We had to wait for our 14yo to get home from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to eat dinner, so I was hunting for something quick and not a lot of calories to snack on...
1 sweet potato for each of us, microwaved for 4-5 minutes, and sliced up! It was very simple, and was enough to hold us over.
(we also ended up eating a couple crackers that our 6yo didn't want)

This is much like the taco nights that we already have a lot - so it wasn't much different (except no dairy or eggs). I did make eggs for the kids to put on theirs and they also had cheese and sour cream on theirs.
Pretty good!

Lemon Sorbet and Blueberries Strawberry Sorbet, Blackberry Sorbet, Watermelon Sorbet

We're not much for lemons, but I DID have a bunch of frozen fruit to use up! Made three different varieties, and I will say I probably didn't add enough agave - main complain was that the blackberry sorbet was too tart - more for me!!

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