Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 9

by Rachel

If you don't know, I'm training for a triathlon right now. On Sept 11th is the TriRock in San Diego, and I'll be racing the olympic distance triathlon. So, I'm on week 6/16 of my training plan that I put together. I'm running, biking, swimming, and working out several times a week. So far, this Engine 2 Diet has given me almost all the energy that I've needed to get through my days. I've only had to add a little snack here and there and when I do I am eating along the lines of the plan.
So yesterday, before my swim, I had 1/2 cup shredded wheat, with a tbsp of raisins. Not luxurious or anything, but it got the job done!

Day 9

1400 cals (220g carbs, 20g fat, 54g protein, 31g carbs)

Banana & Toasted Bagel
Had toast with applesauce spread on top - along with a sliced banana. I really liked the applesauce on my toast - I think this may be a real replacement for buttering for me!!

Had a pizza I made lastnight - it was really good - but it was only one pizza, so I brought along a potato to make it a little more of a lunch.

I was not sure about this one - I generally don't have just sliced tofu - it's usually mixed in with other stuff. But this actually turned out OK - I may do it again - although not a lot. The mashed potatoes were really good - but instead of swiss chard, we had Bybee Veggie Trio from Costco (green beans, carrots, corn). Very yummy and filling dinner!

This turned out really good - very creamy, and the raspberries were really good! Kids liked their regular-yogurt version of it - although our 6yo had cookies and cream instead of raspberries and cream. He did have to taste mine though - then of course wanted my dessert! As if!!

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