Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Engine 2 - 28 Day Challenge!

by Rachel

After hearing about the Engine 2 Diet, we went to Rip’s website and took a look at the basic tenets of his plan.

Basically, we are looking at a plant-based diet that is being touted as a way to be healthier, with results varying from weightloss to reversing heart disease and diabetes. 

We have always leaned towards less red meat, more birdmeat :) . But as the name suggests, we are omnivores at heart - and while Paul LOVES a really good steak, I feel like sometimes that I will not be able to survive without cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter...

BUT... we are trying to get a kickstart right now - Paul needs to get out of his post-race relaxation/recovery, and I am buckling down to really have a great training summer to prep for my olympic triathlon in September.
So, we are doing the E2 28 Day Challenge! http://engine2diet.com/tools
I will blog about how it is going, and what we like / don’t like (and what the kids don’t like lol)

So, without further ado... Day 1!

Day 1

1825 cals (311g carb, 49g fat, 60g protein, 58g fiber)

This was almost 1000 calories! That is a ton for me for breakfast, but it was a really good kickstart to the challenge! I put granola in instead of uncle sam's - and blackberries instead of grapefruit - also no kiwi 

Very tasty! I made my own Hummus which ended up really low cal so I'm using 3 TBSP which does wonders for the pita! Added bell pepper, celery, green onion - mucho yum!

Kinda did my own thing on this - never had Gnocchi but me and hubby liked it - the kids... not so much lol
Peas instead of salad, and the red sauce was 1 can tom sauce, 1 can diced toms, lots o spices, and I put Trader Joe's Tempeh in the food processor to make "meat" crumbles - it turned out better than I thought it would - I think that's an a-ok for Tempeh (the first thumbs up I've had for it)

Frozen Cherries & Soy Yogurt
Plain soy yogurt is goood! Never had it before, but it doesn't even really need sweetener :)
instead of cherries, I cut up two strawberries, and added 1/2 cup blackberries - as my hubby said, "Very refreshing dessert!"

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