Monday, July 4, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 15

by Rachel

Happy Birthday America! :)

Did not celebrate in the traditional way today (that is, BBQ) but we both got a good workout in! I did my first long bike ride with my clipless pedals and it went really well! Only did 10 miles but I figure that's enough for first time out. Paul went out and ran 7.3 miles - in the hot hot sun!

Going to go see the fireworks tonight and hopefully find my 14yo son that has been wandering around town all day long...

Day 15

1970 cals (288g carbs, 60g fat, 70g protein, 61g fiber)

Coffee and a big bowl o cereal! For some reason in my to-go-bowl - hey whatever works right? This was very nice this morning after my bike ride (pre-bike I had 2 tbsp cashews and 2 tbsp raisins)

Since it was such a hot day, we had our soup cold - worked out really well actually! Toasted the pitas in the toaster, and that was a good compliment to the soup. I'm not sure how you would take a good picture of pea-green soup...

This was pretty easy to put together - although the recipe didn't say anything about water, I added some in after things got really thick - I couldn't see how you'd eat it otherwise... even with the extra water, it wasn't very saucy - but it coated the noodles nicely, and I liked the sauce. Paul said it tasted OK - it was fine. I think we both agree should have been more saucy.

Side salad, and Bybee veggie trio from Costco on the side.

Kids of course would not be seen near mushrom stroganoff, so this is what our 6yo's plate looked like:
See the key difference? :)

Frozen Raspberries with Soy Yogurt
we used blackberries tonight (6yo had strawberries with regular yogurt)
Yum! 'nuf said :)

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