Wednesday, July 6, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 16

by Rachel

Paul and I both signed up for another race -

I will be racing in the Self-Transcendence Swim & Run
This is a 1 mile swim from La Jolla Cove to La Jolla Shores, followed by a 10K on the beach! Should be fun - I am looking forward to it - just need to get a 10K run in before the race... it's in less than 2 weeks!

Paul will be racing in the Noble Canyon 50K
This is a 50K trail race in the Cleveland National Forest - it's in the same area as his PCT50 race, and he's looking forward to getting back on the trail for another race! This is one in a series of prep races for the SD100 :)

Day 16

1874 cals (344g carbs, 30g fat, 75g protein, 74g fiber)

Banana & English Muffin

My fav toast with applesauce, and a banana - got some extra fruit from a little welcoming breakfast another department had at work

Had BLACK coffee this morning - no creamer :(

E2 Basics Wrap Green Leafy Wrap with Mushroom Stroganoff

Had leftovers for lunch - Paul had a Basics wrap, and I had the rest of the Green Leafy Wrap from Sunday - unwrapped those babies and put AVOCADO in them - soooooo much better!
Mushroom stroganoff leftovers, and I had some edamame leftover too. Poof - instant lunch! I love leftovers :)

Red Beans over Quinoa with Kale

This was actually really good! I put ketchup on my beans (reminds me of childhood), the quinoa was pretty tasty, and the kale was a lot like spinach would be. The kids even ate most of theirs - had to help a bit with the 6yo's plate, but even our 14yo teenager finished off his little brothers kale!
I probably wouldn't eat the beans plain - but the ketchup made it great for me!

Orange Mousse

OK so this is the first recipe that I really didn't like :(
I know that Rip's book has Fruit Mousse, and the link I have is for Lemon Mousse, but Orange is the same recipe. I did exactly what the recipe said, and I just did not care for the taste of it. We added all kinds of stuff to it just to get SOME taste out of it, but we did not finish all the mousse, and didn't save it - which I HARDLY EVER DO!
No more orange mousse here lol

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