Sunday, July 10, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 21

by Rachel

Today my workouts really wiped me out - ran a 10K with Paul in the midday sun - managed to maintain just under a 10:00 pace so that was good but I was wiped out after that. Then a few hours later off to a new beach to try a swim there. Fanuel Park in Sail Bay - it was pretty water - much clearer than at De Anza Cove. The lifeguard told us that way off in the distance a red bush was about 1/2 mile away so there and back would be 1 mile. Great! I set off (swam along the shore the whole way) - saw lots of little tiny fish getting out of my way, and I saw quite a few little rays along the bottom burrowing into the sand...
What he didn't tell me is that there's a channel between the park and this bush where it gets deep - so the beautiful peaceful sand dropped off into deep dark water with plants reaching up from the bottom - surprised me and freaked me out a bit! But I made it over the channel, got to the bush, and stood up to prep myself for heading back. Now that I knew the channel was there, I just had to convince myself not to get out of the water and walk over the bridge that goes over the water to the other side - but I got back in the water and made it back to the park in one piece! :)
Mapped it after I got home - round trip was only .68 miles! Not even CLOSE to a mile - sheesh!

Day 21

1962 cals (348g carbs, 44g fat, 93g protein, 79g fiber)

No grapefruit - and no muffin pan! I made this like banana bread instead - and it turned out rather well I'd say! 8 slices and halved those - and each chunk was ~100 cals. We actually ate a couple right before we went out running - and it was perfect! Didn't get any side aches so I know it wasn't too much food churning around in there.
I only got 2.25 cups of oat bran - so I added 1 tbsp almond meal, and didn't add any water. I also put in applesauce instead of a grated apple - I have no grater!!!

Chili Dogs & Applesauce
No picture :(
Cooked Smart Dogs on the stove, and we had TJ's Honey Wheat Buns - topped with lastnight's chili - it was perfect for after our run! Kids even ate the hot dogs without complaining :)

The Great Wooden Bowl Salad
Couldn't find the recipe online, so I just made a gigantic salad - well I should say that Paul made it! He chopped all of it up, thanks babe!
I attempted a creamy roasted garlic dressing - but put waayy too much garlic in it! It was so spicy it hurt my tongue lol - but we ate it anyways
Ton o' veggies, topped with the Jammin Burritos mix and some salad dressing - we both had two heaping plates of it!
And we're finally done with that Jammin Burritos mix lol - yay!

Matt Thomson’s Berry-Apple Crisp
I couldn't find the recipe for this either - I just chopped up two apples, put it in a glass loaf pan, added 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen blackberries, topped with 1/2 cup oats, and 1 tbsp agave... baked at 400 for about 25-30 minutes. Drizzled 2 tbsp soy yogurt on top - I really enjoyed this! Paul said it was OK. The garlic was so overpowering from dinner that it was hard to really enjoy dessert - just put it in your mouth and chew lol


  1. Good for you guys! I created a great recipe for vegan tacos--kind of ...corn tortillas, and use the black bean burger mix to make swedish size "meatballs" (bake for about 12 minutes at 400-425). spread the tortilla with this oil free roasted eggplant pesto --(plug into the search engine for this site smash two or three burger balls on top and add a squeeze of sriracha sauce and enjoy these awesome filling tacos like comfort food..fat free except for the almonds in the pesto and whatever is in the tortilla. Enjoy!
    One more...this awesome stew--I would not have ever combined these foods before trying vegan-style but it's a crowd pleaser with people who eat anything (stew will sound better when it's cooler outside ;-) or in serious office air conditioning)

  2. Wow those ideas sound good! Thanks - I'll try them out.
    Also thanks for the links - I know there are a ton of vegan blogs out there - gotta find them all so I can plan out my meals with some variety!