Tuesday, July 12, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 23

Today was supposed to be a bike and swim day, but our car is in the SHOP! So we didn't get a chance to drive down to the bay for a swim. I could have just walked down the block to our pool, but I said to myself, "self - you are on taper week - you do not need to swim today!"

So no swim - but the bike to work rocked :)

Hopefully the dealership doesn't charge us what the car is worth to get it fixed - - *nervous*

Day 23

1892 cals (346g carbs, 46g fat, 48g protein, 40g fiber)

Banana & Toast
Leftover Mighty Muffin bread - YUM!! Plus a sliced kiwi that was very sweet :)

Barbeque Pizza
Leftover BBQ pizza from lastnight - still YUM the next day!!

Where do I start? The asparagus was yummy and the tomato was pretty good! The couscous mix was good, in my opinon... but Paul didn't finish his!! That almost never happens - he just REALLY did not like the molasses - it was too potent. Had the kids try a bite too and they were not fond of it either. So... I ate mine, Paul's, and one other serving. Molasses much? I think I've had enough molasses to last awhile - I'll freeze the rest and someday if I get a hankering I'll have it - nobody else is touching the stuff!

Mango Mousse Chocolate Soy Yogurt with Raspberries

Was not really interested in making soy mousse... so instead I just used plain soy yogurt, and added cocoa powder to it. It had a little tang to it, from the yogurt, but with the raspberries (and maple syrup drizzled on top) it actually all meshed together really well I thought! I enjoyed this dessert (couldn't really get a good picture of it though)

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