Monday, July 18, 2011

E2 28 Day Challenge - Day 28!

by Rachel

Today was my race - so I ate more than was on the plan - but I think it was a fitting ending to our challenge to swim and run in a self-transcendence race, put on by an organization that also runs a vegan restaurant! :)
I will post more about the race later, it will take more than a few sentences to cover...
I will also post an overall recap about the challenge later - also will take up a whole blog post :)

Day 28

2629 cals (416g carbs, 88g fat, 85g protein, 60g fiber)

Spelt Blueberry Pancakes & Oranges Toast with PB and Fruit

Got up at 4AM to kickstart my body before the race - breakfast was my usual pre-race fare. Toast with peanut butter, and bananas on top. I DID add applesauce too - YUM! Coffee with almond milk, and then closer to the race I had a fig with sunflower nut butter on it

After the race, I had lots of fruit that the race organizers had provided - so nice right after kicking your own butt! When I got home I had almonds and raisins too!

Rip’s Sweet Potato Lasagna

Lunch was leftovers - so glad I had it from lastnight because I had no interest in cooking! In fact, as soon as we were done with lunch, Paul and I both zonked out for a much needed nap!

When we got up, we had a PBnJ sandwich - those things are sooo good!

Baby Field Greens Salad
Creamy Cauliflower Soup

No salad with dinner - but holy cow! This soup completely hit the spot - and we ate the whole pot! I was planning on saving some for lunch the next day, but we decided to save the last 2 pieces of lasagna for that - because we could not stop eating this soup! It was also soo low-cal that for me, 3 bowls only totalled around 400 cals! This is total comfort food and I would soo make this again.

Strawberry Pie with Date Nut Crust

Had to make this since it's kind of the going away meal for the challenge. We both had two pieces, and our 6yo ate most of his piece - although he wasn't a big fan of the crust (I don't get it!). The banana and oranges really offset the fact that there's no added sugar! I would make this again too - although it's higher in cals - more cals for dessert than for dinner tonight!

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