Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Engine 2 - 28 Day Challenge - By the Numbers

by Rachel

I'm a nerd - I like numbers! :)
That's probably why counting calories appeals to something instinctual in me...

In any case, I wanted to cover the weight loss numbers, the calories eaten, and the exercise hours/mileage that went along with this challenge.

I don't want to make light of the fact that we're pretty active - but I DO want to make it clear that the weight loss we experienced was directly related to the food challenge - we were already very active before the challenge started.

I am in the midst of training for an olympic distance triathlon, and Paul is training for a 50K ultramarathon - so a lot of exercise accompanied the 28 Day Challenge.

Here are my exercise totals during the challenge:
swim: 4.93 miles
bike: 167.5 miles
run: 42.65 miles
strength training: 2 hours
around 7.5 hours of training every week

Here are Paul's exercise totals during the challenge:
1746 minutes of running (a little over 29 hours over 4 weeks)
155.6 miles of running with a little bit of hiking thrown in
he's also doing pushups or lunges or other strength training throughout the day - like 50 pushups a day - he doesn't track this

This only applies to the calories I ate - Paul generally ate more than I did, which is how it's supposed to be - he weighs 100 more pounds than I do, and is 10 inches taller than me! Lots more muscle than me too!
8 out of 28 days were less than 1600 calories.
4 of the days were over 2000 calories.
The most surprising for me was how much FIBER we ate! I couldn't believe the numbers some days...

My starting weight was 127
End of week 1 - 123
End of week 2 - 122
End of week 3 - 121
End of week 4 - 120
****Total weight loss - 7 pounds!

Paul's starting weight was 245
End of week 1 - 235
End of week 2 - 230
End of week 3 - 225
End of week 4 - 220
****Total weight loss - 25 pounds!

OK I think that's more number nerdiness than you needed to be exposed to - but hopefully of interest to those looking to do the 28 Day Challenge.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Interesting challenge!

    It would be interesting to track sleeping hours and psychological well-being.

    Do you remember how did these change?