Monday, July 18, 2011

Engine 2 - 28 Day Challenge - what we learned

by Rachel

This has been a crazy month! Not only did we eat vegan for 28 Days, I also blogged every day which is something new. I learned a lot, and tried a bunch of new recipes that put me a little out of my comfort zone.

I really enjoyed the challenge but I am glad that it is over - it's a little stressful working full time, training for an olympic triathlon, blogging, and cooking to a pretty strict plan that involves a lot of chopping :)

I read lots of blogs, and I honestly do not know how these people that post several times a day do it! They must have the whole thing down to a science - I will be glad to not have to post every single day and come up with witty things to talk about!

Things that I take away from this challenge:
  • Pizza is OK to eat without cheese! Just PILE ON the veggies!

  • Big breakfasts are great fuel for an awesome workout! Just have to give your body enough time to process it before you go out and work it off

  • Homemade hummus and bean dips are SOOO easy, yummy, and low-cal - I'd be hard-pressed to buy premade anymore!
(how could I have not taken a picture of the hummus??!!)
  • Soy yogurt DOES taste good! Almond yogurt is a little funky but it's good with other stuff in it :)

  • Avocados make interesting desserts - but they're just not for us

  • we LOVE chocolate for dessert! For quite some time that has been our go-to dessert (dark chocolate bars - just a few chunks)

  • we ALSO love yogurt and fruit for dessert! plain or with some oats or granola on top - yum...

  • Burgers & Fries on a weekend lunch is a great way to get the family together for an afternoon meal! And everyone likes it!

  • Pancakes with fruit, nuts, yogurt, and maple syrup is AWESOME! Who needs butter???

  • my kids do NOT like bbq pizza!
  • my kids do NOT like mushrooms! :)

  • I really liked the green leafy wrap thing - but seems I was the only one - and ONLY if there's avocado in it!

  • Making your own veggie burgers is TOTALLY an option! I can't wait to try making different kinds :)

  • We LOVE tacos, burritos, nachos - CHILI!

  • Molasses does not work as a sauce in this household!

Coming soon - Challenge by the numbers, Our favorite Challenge meals!

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