Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 9 Tri training RECAP!

by Rachel

This last training week has been AWESOME! I have been sorely lacking on the blogging front - lost a lot of motivation to sit and write now that I'm not challenging myself to do it every day lol

I do need to sit down and write one more blog about the E2 challenge - about our favorite meals, and an overall recap page that has links to all the days... soon :)

I'm into the second half of my training program - drawing closer to the September 11th race day!

bike to work (8 miles)
hill run (3.5 miles)
workout (pushups-50, crunches, lunges-60, planks, ankle strengthening)
Ran out to the cliffs today - also managed to get 5 hills in!

bike to work (8 miles)
swim (1 mile)
Was only going to do 3/4 miles, but my cheering squad (Paul!) got me to go around one more time!

bike to work (7 miles)

bike to work via Torrey Pines (14 miles)
This was my first Torrey Pines ride with my new clipless pedal setup - averaged 14.1 speed overall which is my fastest average for this particular ride - yay!

bike to work (8 miles)
tempo run (3.6 miles)
workout (pushups-60, crunches, lunges-60, plank, ankle strengthening)
2 laps of running - I really wanted a negative split! But somehow, my first loop avg was 9:06! and my second loop avg was 9:27 - I'll take it!

Swim at La Jolla Cove (around a mile)
This was the most beautiful swim that I have had to date - the water was AMAZING! I was supposed to meet up with a tri group but I somehow lost them all... instead I tagged along with 4 ppl that have been swimming together at the cove for years! It was great - we saw lots of fish - and a huge school of fish under us! We also saw scuba divers way down below us - that's how clear the water was! I couldn't believe - I almost got over all the issues that I have with kelp, it really helps to go out there with experienced people that have been swimming out there for so long :)

long run (6 miles)
went out with my 6yo to our park at our townhouses - it's a .25 mile loop trail with picnic area, and tennis courts, and volleyball courts in the middle. He biked while I ran, then he also ran/walked for awhile too! I got my 6 miles in - easy running - 62 minutes total. My 4yo got in 4 miles of bike/run/walk!!

Weekly Totals:
swim: 2 miles
bike: 45 miles
run: 13.1 miles
pushups: 110
lunges: 120

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