Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 10 Tri training RECAP!

by Rachel

This week was hard - I started having lower back pain on Sunday, and by Wednesday I went to the doctor just to see what could be done - somehow I did something to my SI joint and my muscles on the opposite side were trying to compensate for it...
home from work on Wednesday resting my back, Thursday no workout (even took the bus to work), then Friday tentative return to exercise - and Sunday was back to it!
Conquered the back pain and now I'm ready for Week 11!

bike to work (8 miles)
hill run (3.2 miles)
no workout (well I did 4 pushups then childs pose for like 5 minutes lol)

bike to work (8 miles)
swim (1 mile)
my back was KILLING ME by the time I was done with my swim - the arching of my back is what killed the most.

complete rest day - didn't even go to work - doctor, then muscle relaxants and ibuprofen...

Didn't even bike to work - I did walk to the bus station and back, so I did get a little exercise, but even that did not feel too great...

bike to work (8 miles)
test run (1.9 miles)
back to biking to work, and my back is feeling better so I decide to go out and run a test run to see how it feels - ended up 1.9 miles and I felt pretty good!

Shopping, and DATE NIGHT!

long run (5K)
swim (1 mile)
I set out to maybe run 6 miles, but for some reason as I'm running I start going faster and faster - probably because I'm wearing the Garmin (which I hardly ever do). I end up doing a 5K and I'm dead after that lol - mostly because I have no water with me, and it's mid-day. But I'll take a 5K over nothing, and NO BACK PAIN so it's a good run in my book :)
avg under 10 min/mile - my second mile was 8:47! whew no wonder I was poopered!
Went out and swam 1 mile at De Anza Cove - took another minute off my time - 35 and change!

Weekly Totals:
swim: 2 miles
bike: 24 miles
run: 9.2 miles
pushups: 4 lol

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