Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

by Rachel

Quite a lot of exercise-related stuff has happened in the last week!

Saturday I did the TCSD Duathlon - the tri club that I joined last month has club duathlons, aquathlons, and triathlons throughout the year - so I'm going to do as many of them as I can! The du was 2.25M Run, 12.5M bike, 2.25M run - I definitely had lots of people in front of me - tri geeks are fast?! who knew? lol
I just went out and did my own race - tried to pass people if I could but wasn't going to push too hard and burn out. Met Monika from Monika With a "K" - she was very nice! :)
Run Leg 1 - 2.25m (19:03) (8:28 avg pace)
T1 00:41
Bike Leg - 12.42m (40:48) (3:17 avg pace -- 18.2mph avg)
T2 00:53
Run Leg 2 - 2.3m (19:23) (8:37 avg pace)

Sunday I went out with hubby for a 10 mile trail run at Los Penasquitos Canyon - and I tried out my new Salomon Trail shoes (that I scored for $30!).
It was a gorgeous day and we were out for 2 hours exactly! I managed to get a slight sunburn which almost never happens - but I didn't wear a hat so that's likely why...
Saw a rattlesnake - minding its own business but I had to take a picture! It didn't shake its tail at us until after it was safely across the path - then one little shake to make sure that it knew we saw it...

Tuesday me and the hubby went for a couples massage - it was awesome! We got a deal on dailysave to get a 60-min massage with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries from Natural Athletic Performance - it was worth it! We've never done that before and would recommend it for any couples needing massages :) We both got sports massages but I had a little swedish mixed in - soo relaxing and I figured out my right leg/hip is way tighter than my left - I figured it would be but it was definitely confirmed. Hopefully seeing the doctor in a couple weeks will finally allow me to get this figured out and maybe fixed...

Wednesday was the Pi Run at UCSD (3/14) - run 3.14 miles on 3/14 and get a piece of pie afterwards! lol It was a good race - it only ended up being 3.05m on my watch - and I came in at 26:08! My splits were 8:45, 8:35, and 8:25 for the 3 miles - how did that happen??!! It felt really good to see those numbers though.

Finally, lastnight I went to my first masters swim class - and probably my only masters swim class... through the tri club, the first class is free - then you pay after that. I really wanted to get in to at least one class to have someone look at my form - I basically taught myself TI swimming the last couple years and have never had anyone really look to tell me if I'm doing things right. So my hubby took me to the class - I'm actually really glad he took me because he was able to watch my form as well, and listen to the coach to get pointers as well - he will likely be taking up swimming here pretty soon. Anyways, there were about 8 or 9 people in the "technique" side of the class - I didn't see how many people were just there for the workout. One coach managed the workout side, and one coach handled the technique side of things. He had us do a "catch-up" drill - where you pull one arm at a time, all the way through until your hands are out in front of you (like superman), then pull the next arm through. I had to focus on my kick - that's the one thing that I was particularly worried about (I hardly kick at all with a wetsuit, but didn't have that buoyancy in just a bathing suit to keep me up). He had us focus on slow strokes, pointed toes, small kicks with straight legs, chin tucked into your chest, pushing your hand along your body straight down towards your toes (No S-line pushing), instead of pushing down towards the bottom of the pool, arm position to maximize the push, push with your lats, not your arm muscles, body rotation... oh and keeping your extended arm in front in the same position when you bring your head to the side to breathe - don't let the hand move all around; keep it in the same spot. Wow, now that I write this, he went over a lot - it seems like it went really fast. The guy told me I don't need to do any more technique classes - that made me feel like I hadn't wasted these last couple years - yay! My hubby says I looked very smooth compared to some of the other people - there were some people that had a long way to go... but I sure got out of breath with that! I felt like I was going so slow and then I was so out of breath after each set! But I just have to remember this is the very beginning of the season - that's what practice is all about! Get your technique down, then work on endurance and speed! Well, mostly endurance for me but that will bring the speed.

That's what's up with me! Paul's got a 50K race on Saturday - wish him luck! There's a storm brewing and we're hoping they don't have to cancel the race - but it will make for some interesting trails...

Hope you all are having a good week! 

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