Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

by Rachel

Next week I officially begin my 70.3 training plan - Week 1 of 24! The Orangeman Triathlon is on September 23rd and I'm going to be soooo ready for it!

I read The Triathlete's Training Bible, by Joe Friel, and took about 7 pages of notes! I tried to put together a plan that I felt like I could stick to, and also not run myself ragged - so here's what my Week 1 Training Plan looks like:

Week 1 (Base 1) - 12 hours

 -bike to work
 -lunch ST
 -bike to work
 -lunch run -hill
 -bike to work
 -lunch yoga
 -swim - skills
 -long bike or spin 2 hours
 -lunch run - skills/ST (track workout)
 -bike to work
 -lunch run -tempo
 -long run
 -long swim
Skills to practice
 -Bike (isolated leg, seated hill climbing)
 -Run (strides, pickups)
 -Swim (speed reps, kick drill, swim like a knife, swim taller)

My goal for this race is to finish in 6 hours or less! I'm putting this out to the universe because this is my ultimate goal for this race and I want to be 100% ready to achieve it! I'm going to work towards :40 swim, 3:00 bike, and 2:00 run. These are aggressive times for me so I am going to work hard this summer!

On a side note, I got the results back from my B12/Folic blood test and my numbers are right in the middle of the normal range - so I'm totally healthy and no B12 deficiency here! So, this means that I have macrocytosis but the doctor doesn't seem worried about it in and of itself...
My xrays of my back and hips were also analyzed and there is nothing glaring in them - so my hip/back pain is likely muscular or tendon-related? I guess next time it flares up I'll go back so he can send me to PT or something...

Paul is running the Oriflamme 50K on Saturday - wish him luck and a relaxed, chillin race!


  1. I've just discovered your blog! So wow, I want to do a 70.3 someday but omg all that training! Not sure I want to put that many hours in each week. :( Too bad its not easier. :o) Spoken by a lazy person.. hah

    1. Hi! welcome to my blog lol
      This training plan is hopefully designed to get me in shape for a 6-hr 70.3.... but you could get by with less hours I'm sure!
      I use every lunch hour for training time, plus I commute by bike - so I have a lot of training time built into my schedule by default.
      And, uh, yea... lazy person... sure... ;)