Monday, April 16, 2012

Tri Training - Week 1

by Rachel
I am using to track my workouts this year - I like it because it's easy to input your workouts, and gives you some pretty charts and summaries! Also, you can "friend" other people that use DM, and comment on their workouts, and they can comment on yours. It's a really easy way to be cheerleaders for eachother! 

This week ended up being a really great training week - and while I could feel the squeeze on my schedule to fit more in, I think I arranged everything to be minimally disturbing to my life and my family's life. Week 1 done - 23 to go!

I'm choosing to dedicate Monday's lunchtime to strength training - I'll give it a few weeks and see how I feel about it. It was the longest ST session I have done in quite awhile! So much for starting this out easy and relaxed - this day left me sore all over!

I forgot my running shoes at home, so I did yoga at lunch, and then Paul and I went on a trail run after work... 3 hill repeats on the Goat Hill (TORTURE), then we ran on the trails a bit and went up Lopez Canyon - feel the BURN!!!

Today I found a new blog! Nicole at FitnessFatale just finished the Oceanside 70.3 this last weekend - in just under 6 hours! It was really good to read about someone that just did what I want to do for my race... I started hunting around to see how her training weeks had went, and I realized that she had done the TriRock Olympic last year - the same one I did! I read her race report to see how she did - and realized that she finished her race 15 minutes ahead of me and got 3rd in her AG! She rocked it! my mind is already starting to mess around with me - if she got ~6 hours for her 70.3, and she was 15 minutes faster than me at TriRock, how am I ever going to get 6 at Orangeman???
I talked to Paul about it, and he talked me down - I'm stressing myself out already and focusing on that number... what I should be doing is wanting to finish my very first 70.3 and not focus so much on the time - that should be a secondary goal, not a primary goal like I have been making it. I got it - I already did all the math, figured out all the pacing, determined where I need the most work... now I just need to relax, have fun with my training, and STOP COMPARING MYSELF TO EVERYONE AROUND ME!!!

 Now that the pool is heated again, I can use it for swim skill sessions! I measured it and we're looking at 15yards across (a little more but I rounded down to account for turns). Did some good sets, and watched our 6yo work his way from one end of the pool to the other, swimming the whole way! Paul got some swimming in too - and hot tub for both of us at the end... we deserved it!

Felt really great after my long bike - was curious to see how it would affect my lunchtime run/workout. Glad to say that I didn't feel it at all! I did feel those exercises though - whew!

Got my run in before the rain really started - it was POURING in the afternoon, and even heard some thunder... at one point I was ready to just have Paul come get me from work, but it calmed down a bit so I just biked home in the rain.

Slept in! and then Paul and I went on a long run down to Torrey Pines State Beach. We stayed pretty steady around 10min/mile - except my hike/job up the hill to get back to our house... at some point I'll be able to jog up without stopping to walk :)
I had scheduled a long swim for this weekend, but there's a long-standing rule in SD that you don't go in the ocean for at least 72 hours after a rain - so no ocean swim for me this weekend! But it's OK, I still got my hours in for the week so I'm calling it good!

  • REST DAY!!!
Week 1 (Base 1) Report
  • Run - 22.75 miles (4 hrs)
  • Bike - 67 miles (5.25 hrs)
  • Swim - 1.4 miles (1.25 hrs)
  • 2 ST, 1 Yoga (2 hrs)
  • Total hours for the week: 12.5
  • (goal was 12 hours for the week)

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