Monday, April 30, 2012

Tri Training - Week 3

by Rachel

This was supposed to be my big push week - 16 hours of training, leading up to my recovery week in week 4. I was excited to put in the extra time if I could, and go into week 4 ready to rest and recover (well, relatively anyways - week 4 is down to 8.5 hours of training).

I also didn't want to put my training before the rest of my life - so when it came down to it, I ended up listening to my body and what was happening on Sunday and decided to leave well enough alone - I didn't get the hours in but I feel really good about my effort for the week - no regrets!

Beautiful, calm swim at LJ Shores tonight!

Ran in my new Merrell Pace Gloves (no socks). I really like how they discourage me from pushing off with my toes - I thought for sure I would not like these shoes, but I felt really comfortable in them! Yay!

This was the first time I've done hill repeats on the Torrey Pines hill - I did 4 repeats and felt pretty good!!

  • bike to work and back 8 miles
  • track workout - run and ST
Got a good track workout in - even tried a few strides and sprints!

Got a good hill repeat run in and then a swim at our pool before we headed out of town to Lake Hughes for the weekend!

Saturday was a very long day - we got up way before the sun did, after sleeping in a freezing cold tent all night... then Paul was off on his 50 mile race! Our (now) 15yo ran to aid stations, volunteering, and ran with his Dad for part of the race. I went for a really nice hike with our 6yo son (up 800 feet in 1.5 miles, then back down!). It was a really long day, and it completely wore me out - but it was so worth it! Paul did a great job on his race and... well, he'll let you know how it went :)


I ended up not having enough workout hours for the week - I thought I might go out for a long bike ride or something to make up for it... but I was so wasted that I decided crewing for my husband's race more than made up for the lost workout hours. Also, it was my son's 15th birthday - so I just said enough is enough and this week is done!

Week 3 (Base 1) Report
  • Run - 12.7 miles (2:08)
  • Bike - 64 miles (5:25)
  • Swim - 1.68 miles (1:20)
  • 2 ST, 1 Yoga (2:20)
  • Hike! 3.15 miles (2:00)
  • Total hours for the week: 13:13
  • (goal was 16 hours for the week)

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