Monday, May 7, 2012

Tri Training Week 4

by Rachel

This was my first Recovery Week in my new training plan - I used a concept called periodization to plan out how my training weeks would play out. The first training chunk was something like this:
Base 1
Wk 1 - 12 hours (actual 12.5)
Wk 2 - 14.5 hours (actual 15)
Wk 3 - 16 hours (actual 13)
Wk 4 - 8.5 hours (actual 15.5)

Even though my recovery week 4 was many more hours than planned, I really felt like I pared back my training. Exhaustion caught up with me (and possibly more), and I ended up sleeping a whole day - I just could not get up and out of the house. Also, this weekend, I enjoyed an awesome trip to the Grand Canyon, hiking with my 6yo at his pace.

  • bike to work and home 8 miles
  • lunch ST 35 min
Figured this week is recovery - I'm going to just bike "regular" miles to work and not kill myself on my strength training - plus I was still feeling really exhausted from this weekend's trip to the mountains for Paul's race...

I woke up this morning and just couldn't do it - I could not get out of bed... I couldn't believe how tired I was. I slept all day - really only got up to eat - and then I still slept all night. Something was going on - I'm not sure of what...

Since Tuesday was not a peep of workout, I got some extra miles in on my bike in to work. Ran to the gliderport at lunchtime - beautiful view today!

  • Long Bike to work 9.18 miles
  • Track Workout - Run & ST
  • bike home 4 miles
Last push for workouts before the trip out of town for the weekend
We drove up to the Grand Canyon early early Friday morning, and when we got there in the afternoon we walked over to the rim, checked things out - and then I went for a quick run while Paul was resting post-drive
Hiked down Bright Angel Trail with our 6yo son - 4.5 miles and over 3000 feet one-way! Took us 10 hours, and we had a lot of fun - even though it was HOT! Also had a friend with us the first 1.5 miles down - was nice to have the company! Recaps to come later...
(Thanks for taking pictures Terry!)

  •  REST DAY!!!

Week 4 (Base 1 - Recovery) Report
  • Run - 11.5 miles (1:53)
  • Bike - 33 miles (2:44)
  • Swim - 0 miles (0:00)
  • 2 ST, 0 Yoga (0:50)
  • Hike! 9 miles (10:00)
  • Total hours for the week: 15:30
  • (goal was 8.5 hours for the week)


  1. Love it Rachel!! I can't believe Jude hiked for that long! Sophie gets tired and bored after 10 minutes LOL ;)

    1. It was an interesting challenge - but I tried to have him lead most of the way so we were going his speed - and kinda let him play on the rocks and mostly let him rest when he wanted to - or coax him up one more switchback...
      He was a trooper!

  2. Rachel Hassett...I was just talking to someone about you the yesterday. Smartest IT person I ever knew. This running thing is cool. I like the website, did you do it?

    Anyway, funny I should mention you yesterday and someone sent me the link to this site today. Hope things are going good for you.

    Ken Owsley

    1. Very random...
      Our blog is a cookie-cutter blog from - heavily modified by me especially to include an awesome picture of Paul running his very first ultra!
      Thanks for stopping by!