Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tri Training Week 5

by Rachel

Base 2 - Week 1! 12.5 hours actually didn't seem so bad this time around... hmmm...

This weekend was the PCT50 - we all headed up for the weekend and camped out on Saturday night - I think the camping went pretty well this time! I think it helped that we were right next to people we knew and they had everyone over for dinner - and breakfast! Thanks Terry and Jeff!

I did start to feel tired with the increase in hours - I am going to have to force myself to go to bed at a decent time during this training or I will just burn out...

Back to the big numbers! Got 3 hours in today so a great start for Week 1 of Base 2. La Jolla Shores water temp was in the 60s - it was really nice! But, it was kinda choppy and for some reason I just get tossed around - I haven't figured out how to take control and be in charge (instead of the waves)!

Laps on the track are seeming to go by really fast anymore - before I know it I've done 8 laps?
  • bike to work 9.2 miles
  • Track Workout - Run & ST
  • bike home 4 miles
I upped my reps from 5, to 6, and today 8 - sooo much harder today! But I got it done and felt great about it!
Biking on the 56 Bike Path this morning, and then up Torrey Pines Hill - all in all a really nice ride this morning!
Felt pretty tired in the evening and decided I would skip my mini-pool swim - I would still be able to get in my weekly hours - so I was OK with it.
  • bike to work 4 miles
  • Lunchtime NAP
  • bike home 4 miles
Still felt pretty tired, and I was sure I'd still get in my weekly hours because of a weekend run I was planning... so I went ahead and slept during lunch today - and I needed it!
Ran on the PCT trail for a couple hours and got 10 miles in. Paul and our 15yo volunteered at the PCT50 trail race, and we ended up going to the mountains and camping Saturday night too. I banged my toes on rocks probably 7 or 8 times - but managed to fall all the way to the ground only once! Nice bruise on my hip as a souvenir just for me...
Paul had a long run this morning - so we were up pretty early for that - but I got to do some good relaxing on Mother's Day, and was an impromptu aid station for the runners! Had a nice dinner at Rancho's and it was a nice relaxing day with my boys!
Week 5 (Base2/Wk1) Report
  • Run - 18.3 miles (3:43)
  • Bike - 81.4 miles (6:14)
  • Swim - 1 mile (:45)
  • 2 ST, 1 Yoga (2:05)
  • Total hours for the week: 12:45
  • (goal was 12:30 for the week)

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