Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tri Training Week 7

by Rachel

This week I got a present that no athlete wants... I got injured...

It was pretty dumb - I did it to myself, it was totally avoidable, and it didn't even happen while I was working out!

I was rummaging around in the trunk of my car, completely forgot that I had my bike rack hooked up to the trunk door, then stood up and slammed the trunk door down... the bike rack came down with the door, of course, grazed my forehead, then slammed into my ribs right below my collarbone.

This happened Monday morning, and I proceeded to work out per normal on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, it still hurt, so I went to the doctor and verified that there was nothing broken.

It's basically just bruised (inside), and it hurts to breathe hard, or do any movements that involve my ribs - which actually doesn't restrict me as much as I thought - and I am on heavy ibuprofen until it heals up.

Life could be worse, and even though it is annoying and I am in major restriction mode (for me), I remind myself constantly that there are others way worse off than me. For goodness sake, one of our best friends is going through chemo for the umpteenth time and one of my relatives just got cancer - I will just accept this injury and get on living life.
Today was the day I hurt myself - but it hadn't quite sunk in and I thought maybe it wasn't very bad.
Today was also the first day that I've swum with the bat rays!! It's just a little weird to look down into the water below you and see a bunch of rays just floating there... a tad unsettling... but beautiful - and I'm REALLY glad that I wasn't alone!

Today's run was pretty nice - - until about 9 miles into it. I can't be sure - but I think I may have had a bad gu...
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Mandatory REST DAYs
I was home sick on Wednesday, and then spent the afternoon at the doctor's - got x-rays done and they said nothing is broken.
No exercise 3 days in a row - I just couldn't deal with breathing hard.
Leisurely walk on the beach with the family - not really a workout, but this week's "workout" is really a bust anyways :)

Finally got back out to run with Paul - a little LPQ to get back into running!
Week 3 (Base 2) Report
  • Run - 20.94 miles (4:04)
  • Bike - 17.32 miles (1:49)
  • Swim - 1 miles (:45)
  • 0 ST, 0 Yoga (:00)
  • Walk! 6 miles (3:00)
  • Total hours for the week: 9:38
  • (goal was 17 hours for the week)


  1. omg! Hope you get better soon! I'm such a klutz that is totally something I'd do. I was at a tradeshow on Friday and the display case fell out of my trunk and landed on my foot. Luckily it just grazed my toes.. but 20lbs of metal was not enjoyable.

    1. It really sucked because it was totally and completely avoidable!
      Oi - that trunk incident could have been extremely awful - close call! Made me wince lol