Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tri Training Week 8

by Rachel

I have been splitting up my training into 4-week chunks. This is the last week of what I called Base 2 - which means a recovery week - 8.5 hours total. This was also the second week after I bruised my ribs - so I was slowly trying to get back into my workouts without pushing too hard. I did not do any Strength Training, Yoga, or Swimming - because I didn't want to aggravate my ribs, and I also just felt like taking it easy.

Come to find out, I still met my weekly goal!

On another note, this week I made it to 1000 miles on my bike!
I took it in to Performance Bike to get free adjustments - and they even cleaned up my chain for me!

This was such a great run and day! I had Memorial Day off - and so Paul and I went to the beach for a run. Just the day before we had run on the trails and I had just felt so slow and heavy. So today, I wanted to get rid of everything! We ran without water bottles, without watches, without shoes! It was sooo nice - such a beautiful day and just running through the waves and along the beach with the guy I love - who could ask for anything better?!
(both of us did get blood blisters on our big toes from this - but I think we both agree it was totally worth it!)

  • Bike to work and back 7 miles
  • Lunch Run 5.4 miles
Nice run today - running over to look out over the cliffs at the ocean - and then 2 miles around the track.
Also, I took the opportunity this week to cut 1 mile of uphill off of my morning bike commute by catching a bus for part of my commute - always makes me feel lazy but 1 mile less is better than no bike at all!

  • Bike to work and back 7 miles
Decided to chill out at lunch time - so no workout today :)

  • Bike to work and back 7 miles
Paul came to work to have lunch with me - we had burritos at Goody's at UCSD - they were very good!

  • Bike to work and back 7 miles
  • Lunch Run 3.2 miles
Got a 5K in with a coworker - it was a nice run and a good segway into the weekend!

Awesome trail run with Paul - rolling hills but I managed to keep a run up until I got to the "Goat Hill" - which I assure you is no joke!

Biked down to Mission Bay to spectate at the Rock n Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon - I had a friend running her first 1/2 marathon - she rocked it!
Then I biked back up North via the beach - had to take at least a gander at the waves on a beautiful day!
(see picture above!)

Base 2 Week 4 - Recovery Report
  • Run - 22.43 miles (4:12)
  • Bike - 58 miles (4:38)
  • Swim - 0 miles (:00)
  • 0 ST, 0 Yoga (:00)
  • Total hours for the week: 8:50
  • (goal was 8.5 hours for the week)

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