Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tri Training Week 9/10

by Rachel

I've been wracking my brain to try and figure out what to say - how to justify to myself that it's OK to give up your training plan - how to feel good about "giving up" - and wrap it all in nice sentiments and pretty words...

After I was forced to take a break from my training plan due to my rib injury, I stopped. I stopped caring about my training plan, stopped caring about making sure to get in a lot of workouts, I stopped doing strength training completely, stopped swimming... I am now so far disconnected from my training plan that I have decided to stop working towards my training plan.

When I put together my plan - I really wanted to hit 6 hours for my 70.3. It was so motivating to me to have that goal sitting right in front of me - and my training plan reflected that in the large number of hours I had to meet on a weekly basis. I stressed myself out more than once - being too much into my plan, and not enough into enjoying my life and those around me.

After a run and talk with my husband, I decided to set aside my 6 hour goal... it's my first 70.3, for banana's sake! I need to focus on just being able to do the distance... period. My summer and my family are too valuable to waste on statistics and getting hours in.

Sooo.... I'm switching it up. My training plan is out the window.

I'm going to keep training - don't get me wrong - but for now, these are my weekly goals:
  • bike to work every day
  • run 3 times during the week
  • yoga 1 time a week
  • ST 2 times a week
  • swim 2 times a week
  • long bike and/or swim and/or run on the weekend

And mid-July, I will start on this 10-week training plan that someone posted on the TCSD email lists. It looks pretty straightforward - but this gives me another month to just chill and work on getting some good swim/bike/run mileage without the pressure I was putting on myself.

Weekly training hardly worth mentioning - riding my bike to work and back every day, running a couple times during lunchtime, and well... that's about it.

BUT... I completely wore myself out this last weekend crewing for Paul's 100 mile race - and wow it may not have been a workout but it was very tiring! Crewing can be a very rewarding experience, and I had a great time - Paul did an amazing job and I wouldn't have missed it for anything! Vanessa put together a montage of his race which is great - I'll post it here as a prelude to his race recap :)

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