Friday, October 14, 2011

Date Night - Spread

by Rachel

A couple of friends recommended Spread to us as a vegan restaurant that we should really try out! So, lastnight we went out on a date to have some hopefully yummy vegan food :)

We arrived and it was small, quiet, and not too busy - perfect! I loved the decor - very minimalist.

Our waiter brought us the menu - which was a whiteboard easel listing out the day's menu - every day the menu is rewritten based on what local, organic food the owners are able to procure and cook with :)
We started out with some alcoholic beverages - a basil sangria and a fruity vodka drink - both very good!

For appetizer, we had baby fingerling potatoes cooked in a salty brine, with an herby YUMMY dip (just don't ask me what it was - I can't remember!)

 First dinner was a saffron quinoa dish with roasted veggies - very tasty!

Second dinner dish was a pasta dish that Paul RAVED over - he really liked it! I thought it was really good too :)

We also had dessert, which was a fruit plate with a couple of their "spreads" to dip the fruit in - chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate ginger peanut butter. Very tasty!

Had to at least sit in the bubble before we left lol

We both really loved the ambience of the place, and the food was local, organic, vegan, and very very tasty! We will definitely come back!

P. S. Have I ever mentioned that phone cameras in low light can take some pretty gnarly pictures?? Apologies for some of these :)

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