Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

by Rachel

Apparently I had no thoughts on Thursday! heh

We went to the doctor on Thursday for a physical checkup - a couple weeks ago we had bloodwork done. I wanted to make sure we were all in order, since Paul's doing the SD100 in June and I'll be doing the Orangeman in September. Also, since we became vegan last year, I was curious to know if we were deficient in anything.

The doctor said that we were two of the healthiest patients he's seen in awhile (score!) and our bloodwork all came out very well - with one exception. My MCV numbers are a little high - and basically he said that means I'm looking at macrocytosis. He said it could be genetic, or it could be a B12 deficiency (not uncommon in vegetarians or vegans). I got an additional blood test done to test my B12 numbers - so we'll see what comes of that. I am going to try not to overthink this right now, since we don't have a specific answer yet.

I also mentioned to the doctor that I have had lower back/right hip problems on and off for a few years and it likely started while I was pregnant with our 6yo (during my pregnancy I got to the point where I could not even turn while walking without sharp shooting pains down my legs). So, he had x-rays taken of my lower back and hips - and will take a look at those.

Anyways, glad to have that done. We haven't had physicals recently and since it's covered under our health plan, I thought it was time to get it done!

Have you had a checkup lately??

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Ultimate Challenge - The Old Goat 50

by Paul

I've been thinking these past few days about what it took to finish the race. This race tore me up physically and mentally, but in a good way. Going in I knew it was going to be tough - that is why I trained up in those mountains, on those same trails. Now I don't know what happened - on race day I had no legs for any part of the race. So right away I'm tearing myself down, thinking I did something wrong. Did I overtrain? Do I suck at running? Did I eat the right things? Who am I kidding? I shouldn't be out here... I'm no runner. I kept beating myself up and wanting to quit from the start of the race and I have no idea why - even after reflecting on the race these past few days.

I wanted to go out slow and get a good pace down for the San Diego 100, so I didn't look at the race as a race but more as a training run. But right off, I was not having a good day. I realize this is my first year running ultras, but I really thought I had everything down for this race. On race day I fell apart from the word GO.

I sit here today still going through it in my head. I am still tore up, not only physically but mentally, and I feel out of balance. My feet have huge blisters and a deep black bruise on my heel. The thing is, I had to run on those sore, beat-up feet for over 30 miles in excruciating pain. With that pain, I had to go inside my head and try to deal with it - on top of all the doubts I was having about even finishing the race. I doubted everything about my choices in life and about running.

Here is the race from GO:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

by Rachel

This last weekend a big storm whipped through San Diego, bringing snow with it up in the mountains - long story short, the Oriflamme 50K was cancelled :(
It's been rescheduled for April 7th though!!!
We are very happy about this :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

by Rachel

Quite a lot of exercise-related stuff has happened in the last week!

Saturday I did the TCSD Duathlon - the tri club that I joined last month has club duathlons, aquathlons, and triathlons throughout the year - so I'm going to do as many of them as I can! The du was 2.25M Run, 12.5M bike, 2.25M run - I definitely had lots of people in front of me - tri geeks are fast?! who knew? lol
I just went out and did my own race - tried to pass people if I could but wasn't going to push too hard and burn out. Met Monika from Monika With a "K" - she was very nice! :)
Run Leg 1 - 2.25m (19:03) (8:28 avg pace)
T1 00:41
Bike Leg - 12.42m (40:48) (3:17 avg pace -- 18.2mph avg)
T2 00:53
Run Leg 2 - 2.3m (19:23) (8:37 avg pace)