Friday, October 5, 2012

Orangeman Triathlon 2012 - 70.3 Race Recap

by Rachel

Training Dreams vs. Reality

This year I decided to tackle a 70.3 triathlon, aka long course triathlon, aka half-distance triathlon. It starts with a 1.2 mile swim, follows with a 56 mile bike, and finishes up with a 13.1 mile run (a 1/2 marathon).

The Orangeman Triathlon is unique, in that the bike leg heads up a scenic highway, into the San Juan Mountains - a huge elevation change that you have to get through before your 1/2 marathon run. This was the 2nd year of their race, and they're still working out all the bits to make it a perfect race - but I thought it was great! It's a beautiful race, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a 70.3 triathlon that is not quite the norm!

I started training for this race with a goal of finishing under 6 hours - quite a feat if I could do it! I felt that if I trained hard and smart enough, I could pull it off. I started my official training plan in April, with the intent of working really hard all summer - in fact, I had already been in pre-training mode, but within the first week of my training plan, I decided not to go for a 6 hour finish. I felt like it would be too stressful on me and my family, so I started backing off, and trying to have more fun and enjoy the training more. I just wanted to finish and enjoy my race!