Saturday, February 2, 2013

February is our food challenge month

by Rachel

Paul and I have decided to recommit ourselves to being plant-strong. There are several food challenges going on in February, so we're on board with both!

Health Starts Here 28 Day Challenge is Whole Foods' way of helping people make the switch to a plant-strong diet. While we have been plant-strong since June 2011 (wow it has been that long?!), we have let some things slide, and we really want to recommit to being plant-strong! Being involved in this challenge will reaffirm for us that this way of life is easy, best for us, and that we love it! Our local Whole Foods is organizing the Challenge for February, so we signed up!

For those that don't know, Health Starts Here is Whole Foods' campaign to give you "all the tools you need to start including more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, beans, grains and other unprocessed, whole foods into your everyday meals."

YU Plant-Powerful 30-Day Challenge is being organized by Yum Universe. I started subscribing to this blog a few months ago, and have really liked the content that is being delivered! Heather Crosby touts a diet that is plant-based and gluten-free. When she posted that they were having this challenge in February, I decided it would be a great way for us to recommit and try some new things. We have dabbled a little in the whole gluten-free thing, but don't regularly eat that way... I LOVE TOAST! Paul is getting ready to really kick in to training and start running again, and this challenge is going to be his push to lose weight and get back to where he was when he was running last year - and maybe even lose a little more.

So, with both of these challenges, I feel like we have a lot of support to complete February being 100% plant-strong and gluten-free! The kids are not participating - they're not really interested in being plant-strong, and I think they would revolt if I forced gluten-free on them! But they eat whatever dinners I make, and don't complain too much about them ; )

Here's to a plant-strong, gluten-free February!


  1. Thanks for the link to the Health Starts Here site! I had never heard of it! I'm trying to eat more of a plant based diet. I've cut my meat consumption by about 2/3 and have cut out dairy (i had greek yogurt everyday) but I've been struggling with finding foods that are filling and tasty. Good luck with the challenge!

    1. Monika, that is great! I hope the website helps, and remember Google is your friend!! I really hope it helps with your health - it is so tightly connected...