Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

by Rachel

Have you ever hiked down into the Grand Canyon? How about instead of hiking, you ran down, and ran/hiked back up? And, how about instead of going down to Phantom Ranch, you went right on by, continuing up to the North Rim, and then immediately turned around and traversed the whole thing again?!

We are going to the Grand Canyon!
I will be hiking with my 6yo down Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden, hanging out, eating lunch, and then hiking back up - same day.
Our 15yo will be running down to Phantom Ranch, not sure if they're going to hang out there or not, and then run/hike back up - same day.
Paul will be running down past Phantom Ranch, up to North Rim, then turning around and going back to Phantom Ranch, followed by what I'm sure is to be a hot, sweaty, emotional, beautiful, and awesome run/hike trek back up to the South Rim - same day.

We will take lots of pictures - and I'm sure each of us will have a different story to tell, at the end of that day!

I have been to the Grand Canyon four times that I can remember - each trip was special for different reasons. My favorite memories include seeing snow in the middle of June, hiking with my Dad and staying the night at Phantom Ranch, being there for Paul's first glimpse of the majestic views, having our train robbed by outlaws on the way to see it, and being able to share the beauty of the canyon with both of our boys.

What's your favorite memory of the Grand Canyon?

P.S. I wrote this on Thursday - but never got a chance to post it! So many stories to tell now, but for now this needs to be posted!

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