Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tri Training Week 6

by Rachel

This week ended up really great! I had some great workouts and learned a lot - I realized that I do want to put effort into heart rate zone training. I will not be going as fast as I can - but instead, going at a steady rate in zone 1 and zone 2. The only time I should go above these is when I'm going uphill, or when I'm doing high-intensity strength training.

I need to work on beach entry, and swimming in big waves - my speed just dies when I'm in choppy waves...

  • bike to work 4 miles
  • Lunch ST
  • bike to LJ Shores 9.65 miles
  • TCSD Club Swim 15 minutes...
OK today ended up really sucky for me... my lunchtime workout kicked BUTT and I felt pretty good about it. But I think I really wore myself out - and perhaps went to bed too late on Sunday night...

After work biked down to LJ Shores for the weekly club swim - hit about EVERY stinking red light...
We waded out into the water, to meet up past the breaks - and as we got farther out, the waves were HUGE! I'm serious, they were no joke... and when we all stopped to meet up, it was still big waves - which meant that for the entire swim, there would be these huge waves to contend with. We set out, and I swam for maybe 5 minutes, until I realized that I would never be able to keep up with the group... and that I had no energy to keep fighting every single wave that pushed me around. I decided to head back to shore, and so did someone else - I take consolation in the fact that I wasn't the only one...
The waves were KILLER and I just didn't have the strength to fight them for that long. But at least I got out there and tried, right?
  • bike to work 10.15 miles
  • Lunch run 5 miles
  • bike home 4 miles
More energy today - I do like run days! Ran with some peeps from work, and ended up with decreasing splits - gotta love it!

  • bike to work 9.85 miles
  • Track workout - ST & Run
  • bike home 4 miles
Tried to see how I did staying in Zone 1 and Zone 2 heart rates that I had customized for myself when training started. It went pretty well! I ended up with a pretty good pace for staying "really easy". And the workout rocked too!

Paid attention to my zones this morning on my bike ride - stayed mostly in Zone 2 for the entire ride - which I am excited about because it means that my most comfortable riding is in the aerobic zone and I still can push it a bit without raising my heart rate too much!
Biked to work on BTWD - of course! Then got my hill run in for the week - 6 laps of .5 each - felt pretty good to get a good hill run in.
Today our son turned 7! We all ran a 5K together and he kicked butt - 34:11 - woohoo!
My longest bike ride to date!!! And to top that off, I had NO back pain during the entire ride! It felt great to be able to do this, and not be debilitated afterwards...

Week 2 (Base 2) Report
  • Run - 15.75 miles (2:45)
  • Bike - 135.8 miles (9:36)
  • Swim - .75 miles (:50)
  • 2 ST, 1 Yoga (2:17)
  • Total hours for the week: 15:30
  • (goal was 15 hours for the week)


  1. Your training report makes me feel so lazy! we need to merge dailymile logs :)

    Bring your son to our next Girls on the Run 5K. Lots of kids! Next race is Dec 2nd :)

    1. So funny - you would still blast past me in a foot race :)
      I'll have to keep the GOTR race in mind...