Saturday, July 30, 2011

Date night - Jyoti Bihanga

One of the goodies for participating in the La Jolla Self-Transcendence Swim & Run was a 50% off coupon to Jyoti Bihanga. Now, we were both excited to see this coupon - we'd been there twice and both times really enjoyed it!

Jyoti Bihanga is a vegetarian restaurant in Normal Heights - which is somewhere closer to downtown than where we live lol. It is the first restaurant that we went to when we moved here - my sister took us there - and the second time we went there our cousin chose it!
From the outside, very unassuming, and really from the inside as well.
The restaurant is run by followers of Sri Chinmoy - if you're interested in their philosophies, there's more information on their website. Suffice to say I really like a lot of what they have to say. Also, they are into sports (they put on the Swim & Run) and they're vegetarian/vegan food is yummy!

We had hot chai with soymilk, and hummus w/ cucumbers and tortilla to start - all very good!

Then we had our soups - I had beet coconut soup (PINK!!!!) and Paul had gypsy soup. I really enjoyed my weirdly colored soup, and the gypsy soup was really awesome as well - had a little Indian flavor to it.

For dinner, I had the Blue Plate Special and Paul had the Vegan Neatloaf!
By the time I remembered to take a picture most of the neatloaf was gone lol

The Neatloaf is one of the best dishes at Jyoti Bihanga by far - with mashed potatoes and gravy it's just a really down home and heartwarming dish. The Blue Plate Special was veggies and rice, but the sauce to top it all off with was really nice and flavorful so it rounded off the veggies nicely! Unfortunately, I had already drank 3 glasses of water!, a cup of tea, ate a bowl of soup, and appetizer - I only got through a little bit before I was FULL! Had to take that home for later.

Also have to mention the organic 9-grain bread on the side - awesome bread and you can tell that it's homemade - it's just lovely!

We took home two gigantic vegan chocolate chip cookies - TOTALLY worth it!

We were both so full, but it was a really nice and healthy full - and we LOVE this place!

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